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d for a lifetime.


"I am determined to "give something back" to a world from which we have taken much" outlines Benoit Ams. “My plan is to revitalize traditional horn craftsmanship in a way that creates a sustainable source of income and improves the quality of life for the local population of Tibet”. Typically, we are working with suppliers to ensure full compliance with the Smith & Norbu Supplier Conduct Principles, and in turn we offer higher price for the raw materials they supply.

Finally, we are also committed donate a part of our profit to local charities in Tibetan region.

Ecological commitment is centric to our approach. For us, people contribute ideas, skills and hard work while Mother Nature provides the materials. All our products are manufactured in the highest respect of the environment, using only natural eco-friendly materials.

Yaks are domesticated animals on the Tibetan plateau and are widely used in agriculture. They do not fall into the category of protected or endangered species. Horn processing respects the environment and therefore complies with the most stringent ECO standards.

Our leather cases are manufactured using yak leather for their incredible resistance and lightness. Our hides are then specially tanned with natural plant extracts and organically dyed with natural pigments to create soft, smooth, comfortable, yet strong and light products that comply with the most stringent ECO standards. All our leathers are natural, promising you sensuality through touch.

The seductive eye-catching signature yellow gift box reflects our passion for detail: the idiosyncratic shape of the letters in its logo, the choice of colors and the quality of the paper used. All our signature gift boxes are made of 100% wood free recycle cotton handmade papers. Smith & Norbu’s yellow gift box delivers something beyond its content and perfects the moment with the most exclusive gift.

Today, our products are now sold in more than 50 stores in 20 countries around the world. As a small company, the only chance we have to survive in the global market is by delivering consistent quality, Benoit states. "We only craft a limited amount of frames every year. Today, the challenge for us today is to be able to continue to manage our growth without compromising on quality’’.

"It was never about money for us; it has always been about the frames," says Benoit Ams, who lives between Hong Kong, Europe and the western parts of China. Big corporations have been buying a lot of brand names lately and we do not want to be bought because we want to keep our creativity free from any management intervention. We want to remain independent.

“We have also been busy with collaborations with different prestigious brands in Japan, in France and in the USA on horn projects and I must say we have learned a lot through these different projects” adds Benoit Ams.