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Styling Tips
Matching Eyeglass Frames to Face Shapes: Choosing the right spectacles can make an enormous impact on the way you look. Spectacles are no longer seen as a devise to aid your vision but mostly as a reflection of your personal image or a way to enhance your facial features. Have a look in the mirror, and study the shape, the curves and angles to find the styles that will suit you best. Generally people's faces can be a combination of different shapes, so use this information only as a guide, not as a rule.
Oval Face Shape: An oval face is well balanced and softly rounded; the forehead is slightly wider than the jaw, which curves gently, and the cheekbones are high and face length is approximately 1.5 times the width. Oval is a versatile face shape with features that can work with a variety of frames.
TRY:There is really no limit as to what kind of frames and in what shape you should look for. One thing to consider is to select frames that maintain your balance proportions. Square and rectangular frames add contrast to the curved lines of the oval face. Other shapes are fair game as well, just be sure to keep scale in mind and avoid frames that are too small or too large, throwing off the natural balance of the face.
AVOID:Styles that are uncomfortable to wear or that you feel do not suit your face.
Round Face Shape: Round faces are all about curves. Full cheeks, a wide forehead, a rounded chin, few angles, and a balanced proportional length and width are the characteristics of a circle shape’s face. Round faces are usually proportional in width and length.
TRY:The most recommended eyewear’s shape for you is angular frames with lenses that are wider than they are deep. We can say that aim of angular frames is the lengthen your face and make it appear slimmer and longer. Rectangular frames would be most suitable.
AVOID:Small and round shapes and very large frames which will make your face look rounder.
Square Face Shape: A square face has a broad, deep forehead, wide horizontal jaw line and square chin. Square faces are generally proportional in width and length
TRY:The key for squares is to find frames that allow their architectural features to shine. Look for narrow, oval, and round frames to contrast the straight lines of the square face. They will soften your jaw line, lengthen, and make your face appear to have more curved edges.
AVOID:Thin, angular, geometric and square styles that accentuate the angles of your face.
Heart Shaped Face: A heart-Shaped face has a broad forehead, tapering to a small neat chin and mouth. Cheekbones are generally high and angled following the contour of the face. This face has a very wide top third and small bottom third.
TRY:The trick for heart shapes is to find shapes that balance the varying widths of their face. To minimize the width of the top of the face, choose frames that are wider at the bottom to balance the shape of the face.
AVOID:Styles which are wider at the top; these will reflect the face shape rather than balance it.
Rectangular Shaped Face: Rectangular faces have more length than width. Typical characteristics include a long forehead, high cheekbones, and a longer nose. The right frames will add width and break up the length of the face.
TRY:Go for frames with a strong or accented brow line that give a strong horizontal element. Frames with a bit of depth in the lenses will balance the length of the face. Shapes with rounded edges and curved lines will soften the angularity of the face.
AVOID:Styles which are small, narrow lenses that will exaggerate face length.