Raw Materials

The love and careful selection of the highest quality of raw materials are essential qualities of fine optical frames and leather-goods makers. For us, people contribute ideas, skills and hard work while Mother Nature provides the materials. All the products are manufactured in the highest respect of the environment, using only natural eco-friendly materials.

Yak Horn

Natural horn is one of the most exclusive materials available for eyeglasses. Horn is not only a highly resistant material; it is also a beautiful and vibrant natural product with characteristic colours nuances that differentiate genuine horn from any other man made materials. These features make each and every single piece of product as unique as you are. Horn ages with style, acquiring a signature patina that adds depth and character.

At Smith & Norbu, we predominantly select the horns of the yak from the Tibetan plateau for their incredible resistance and lightness. Yaks are cattle-like animals about the size of small oxen. Yaks are highly valued by Himalayan peoples. The generic Tibetan name of the animals means "wealth" or "jewels" that grant all your wishes.

Yaks and buffalos are domesticated animals and are widely used in agriculture. They do not fall into the category of protected or endangered species

Yak Leather

Our leather-goods are manufactured using yak leather for their incredible resistance and lightness. Our hides are then specially tanned with natural plant extracts and organically dyed with natural pigments to create soft, smooth, comfortable, yet strong and light products that comply with the most stringent ECO standards. All our leathers are natural, promising you sensuality through touch.

Horse hair

For ages, horse hair has been used in upholstery because of its exceptional qualities. The laptop protective parts of our bags are manufactured using horse hair from Mongolia.

Handwoven Silk

Smith & Norbu Signature Silk is entirely woven by hand. The inside pockets of our bags are entirely made out of this exceptional yellow hand woven silk

Yak Cashmere

Smith & Norbu are made out of high quality Yak Cashmere.


As with all Smith & Norbu products, our sterling silver parts are made to the very highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. All our sterling silver parts are handcrafted on the foothills of the Himalaya by experienced artisans.