Our most demanding clients, connoisseurs who truly understand sartorial elegance and craftsmanship, appreciate the value of our unique bespoke service. They want an expert to help them look their best, they want eyeglasses that will fit, function, and flatter their look, and experience the satisfaction that their eyewear is tailor made specifically for them to enjoy wearing for many years to come. Through bold statement, exquisite fit, or fine detail that sometimes comes down to the confidence of knowing that you are wearing the best material available; your bespoke design is made with an excellence of craftsmanship.

Bespoke is first and foremost an art of living, dreaming a product and taking part in its elaboration, the choice of material, choice of colors, shapes .... For us, the bespoke experience starts with the choice of the shape; the eyewear tailor will help his customer to select or design a shape that makes him look good, according to the specifics of his face. He will then takes detailed facial measures and adjust the size of the frame specifically for him.

Then comes the selection of the raw horn plates. Smith & Norbu Eyewear tailor will help the client find and select raw buffalo and yak horn plates that will work best for him, according to their skin their hair colour, to the shape they have picked and to their specific taste.

After 3-5 weeks a ‘first fitting’ will allow to provide fine tuning and polishing instructions to the atelier which will perfect the frames. The fitting and taste notes taken are carefully archived for future tailoring and maintenance reference. Practically, the appointment for the ‘first fitting’ also coincides with the appointment with the optometrist who will prepare your prescription glasses.

The fully mounted, signed and registered glasses will be delivered to the store for a final fitting and polish in another 1-2 weeks. The unique pair will be presented in a soft, Smith & Norbu leather case carrying your monogram.

We will invite you to entrust your glasses to us about every 2 years for a complementary inspection, polish and re-fitting.

Bespoke service is available on appointment in our Hong-Kong design studio and at selected partner practices. Our master craftsman also travels two to three times a year in the following cities:

London,Amsterdam,Brussels,Paris,Berlin,Munich,Geneva,Zurich,Monaco,Milan,Florence,New York,Tokyo,Taipei,Shanghai,Macau,Bangkok,Singapore

Please contact us for the travel schedule.
Prices for a bespoke pair of horn frames start at 1,500 USD. A non-refundable deposit of 300 USD is due upon confirmation of the first meeting.
Contact us to find out more about our bespoke eyewear tailoring → Contact Smith & Norbu Eyewear tailor.